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Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2023

True Bias Mave Skirt / Jupe Mave

I've loved the look of the Mave skirt by True Bias since its release, but it's only last summer that I gave it a try. The one you see is actually my test version - since it's a loose style, I thought I wouldn't risk much cutting directly into the 'good' fabric.

One thing I do appreciate with True Bias is that their patterns are well drafted, and a lot of attention is put into details - that makes for a clean, professional finish. The instructions in the leaflet are also excellent (a tier skirt is not exactly difficult to sew, but should you have to give a look at them...). This is my second time sewing a True Bias pattern - my first attempt was the Roscoe blouse but I just didn't like the style on me. I made two Roscoes that I never wore - it's not the pattern's fault.

Some of the options of the Mave skirt / Les différentes options de la jupe Mave

I'm much, much more happy with the Mave skirt. The feature I like the most about it is certainly the elasticated waistband with the (very) long ties. It's funny how the skirt looks like nothing until you get to that part, but once you topstitch that wide elastic and you insert the long ties, it suddenly looks like something you would buy off the rack. Well, me, I would.

This rayon twill has lots of drape / Ce twill de rayonne a un superbe drapé

The fabric:

I used a rayon crepe with a twill weave that has lots of texture (visible if you enlarge the pictures), very drapey and substantial. I don't know exactly how that colour is called - I would maybe describe it as cantaloupe. It's a high end designer fabric (Maiyet, now out of business) bought long ago at Fabric Mart. I never knew what to do with it, but while looking for a fabric for the Mave skirt I thought this one would be perfect.

Size and modifications:

I started with a size 4, based on my measurements. I found that the hip curve was too pronounced for me, so I straightened the hip seam (took in approx. 1 cm), tapering to nothing at the bottom of the first panel. I also decided to leave off the pockets. I love pockets, but I didn't want any bulk on the sides since the fabric has a lot of substance. What I had in mind was a casual skirt, but it turned out that the fabric says more night time than daytime for me. So I'll keep this version for a night out and pair it with heels.

Love when the skirt catches the wind! / J'adore comment la jupe bouge dans le vent!

Final thoughts:

It was fun sewing the Mave skirt. It's relatively quick project, if you don't mind gathering. One thing I would recommend is to really pay attention when you make the buttonholes and you topstitch the elastic: make sure everything is well centered, this is the crucial part that will look professional... or not. Also, I didn't follow the chart to measure the elastic; I just measured what was comfortable on me and cut accordingly.

I'm glad I finally sewed the Mave skirt 'cause it had been on my bucket list for a long time. I think it looks relaxed, feminine and somehow sophisticated for a tier skirt. There are many options to choose from and in my opinion it's a style that looks good on anyone at any age - don't hesitate to try it!

Thanks for stopping at Dixie Couture, and see you!


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